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Unser Konzept wurde von einer Familie mit einer Leidenschaft für Nachhaltigkeit, Design – und natürlich – wirklich guten Kaffee entwickelt. Wir möchten eine Inspiration für einen umweltfreundlicheren Lebensstil mit einfachen, aber bahnbrechenden Innovationen sein.

Sjöstrand Stories

10 September, 2020

Meet Sjöstrand’s new CEO Cecilia

People, planet, profit – that’s the order to go for Sjöstrand’s new CEO Cecilia. Share her vision for Sjöstrand on how coffee is the foundation in building an impact unicorn that can improve life of a billion people. And that great coffee and beautiful design needs to be served with great service. Bold statements but it comes from a lady that built her experience from a number of great organizations, who prefers to start the day with a fresh cup of N°3 Lungo, and for whom coffee is synonymous with happiness.

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13 August, 2020

Coffee® by Sweden

The Swedish coffee culture did become well-known worldwide after the Millennium Trilogy, by Stieg Larsson, where crimes were solved while drinking a numerous of cups of coffee.
And this is how the coffee consumption looks for the many in the Nordics. A couple of cups in the morning, a cup for every meeting in the office (and we do have a large number of meetings every day ;)), finishing off with a cup of coffee after dinner. Yes, the coffee sipping procedure is never-ending.

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23 Juli, 2020

Sjöstrand – a true Icelandic success saga

Love at first sight took Sjöstrand coffee to Iceland. Thanks to Gunnar Stein Jonsson, his wife Elisabet and their business partners, Álfrún och Viktor, Sjöstrand’s products are a huge success among the many picky design lovers at Iceland.

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26 Juni, 2020


Enjoy a frosty and frothy ice latte in the summer heat!


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3 Februar, 2019

Sjöstrand is working hard for the environment!

The Sjöstrand family is growing, which shows that our sustainable design and environmentally friendly alternative for capsule coffee is the future!

In order to stop global warming at 2 degrees Celsius this century, we need to reduce emissions of climate gases to the atmosphere while simultaneously drain the atmosphere of some of the carbon dioxide we have already released. Therefore, it’s not enough to simply be climate neutral.

Sjöstrand Coffee was one of the first companies within the segment of capsule coffee that focused on sustainability and the environment with the goal of reaching the smallest environmental impact possible. We have a grand vision to change coffee consumption.

We have come a few steps on the way and today there are several good and sustainable options on the market. However, there’s still work to be done.

No one is too small to contribute. Together we can truly make a difference!

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3 Oktober, 2018

Sjöstrand and sustainability – a mini interview

In a mini-interview with Sjöstrand’s founders Jenny Svensson and Niklas Gustavsson, we talk about sustainability and Sjöstrand’s collaboration with Vi-skogen, a project to offset carbon emissions by planting trees.

Sjöstrand’s basic idea is based on sustainability. Tell me more!

We want to influence consumption; in our case it is about offering environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives for an existing concept that is well established in the market. When we founded Sjöstrand Coffe Concept, we focused on developing a design that could fit into as many environments as possible, in order to achieve sustainability. At the same time as every day we focus on improving the quality of everything we do. Together, design and quality will minimize a wear and tear mentality and offer products with as long a life as possible.

Coffee and our coffee capsules are a consumer product and by far the most sustainable solution for the environment is composting.  We must, as far as possible, strive for the return of what comes out of the earth to earth. The capsule is produced with energy from solar, wind, water and biogas, we carbon compensate for parts of our transports, our coffee is 100% organically grown and our capsule is made of bark and other plant fiberand is therefore compostable. The capsule becomes soil within 23 weeks in a regular garden compost.


We forest offers companies a very effective way to carbon offset their carbon footprint, through certified carbon dioxide storage in trees and agricultural land. This means that companies can calculate their CARBON emissions, especially through their transports. To then invest in tree planting through the Vi forest, when trees bind carbon dioxide, to an equal or greater extent in order to carbon compensate for their emissions.


We-forest makes a difference for those most affected by climate change. The organization works in four countries around Lake Victoria in East Africa: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Carbon offsetting together with the Vi forest brings many benefits – it combats poverty when tree planting creates jobs and it improves the environment when trees and agricultural land bind carbon dioxide and thus reduce our climate impact.

The people most affected by climate change can, thanks to our support and the work of the Vi forest, increase their harvests and adapt to a changing climate.


We try to avoid printed material as far as possible by working electronically. On the printed material that we must use, for example, our cartons, we are looking for the best and environmentally friendly alternatives possible. For example, FSC-marked or recycled. We travel public transport to work and attend trade fairs such as Matology to spread our messages.


We were one of the first companies with products in the capsule coffee segment that focused on sustainability and the environment with the goal of achieving as little impact on the environment as possible. We had a grand vision of changing an entire coffee segment. We have come a little bit along the way and today there are several good and sustainable options on the market, but not the largest. There are fantastic challenges now and in the future regarding the environment and sustainability and we hope to be able to influence in a positive direction for a long time to come. No one is too small to contribute and it is together that we can make a difference!


When you buy Sjöstrand’s products during the month of October, 10% of the revenue is donated for the benefit of vi forest’s work. In addition, you get 10% on a full purchase.

Voucher: VI2018.

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4 September, 2018

Postcard with love

Thanks for sharing!

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31 August, 2018

Introducing three new types of coffee!

We are proud to have launched three new flavors in our espresso series. Two single origins and a long-awaited lungo now round off our assortment. Our 100% ecologically grown coffee is packed in a home compostable capsule – something we were the first in the world to introduce to the market.

N°7 Ethiopian Sidamo Single origin is a medium roasted, smooth coffee with hints of dark chocolate, citrus and cherries. Perfect as an espresso!

N°8 Lungo by Sjöstrand is our second capsule specially designed for lungo. It is intensely roasted and big on flavour, with hints of dark chocolate. Enjoy it just the way it is, in a little bigger espresso cup.

N°9 Colombian Single origin has rich notes of caramelized sugar. Perfect as espresso, or for cappuccino and latte. A capsule for those who want to vary their coffee!

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10 April, 2018

New home compostable coffee capsules!

Finally, all types of coffee are back in stock again. And at the same time, we are pleased to announce that we have taken sustainability to a new level! Our new capsule is the world’s first home compostable capsule and decomposes in a garden compost in about 23 weeks. This is something we have been working towards for a long time, and it is an important part of Sjöstrands journey towards a more sustainable world!

The new capsule comes at a slightly higher price – but a much lower price for the environment. All coffee blends are still the same and the coffee is 100% organic.

We are celebrating this by giving you 10% off your next order with the code april2018. The offer is valid until 30th of April 2018.

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26 Februar, 2018

Sjöstrand is launching a new range of coffee accessories!

We’re proud to announce that we’re launching a new range of coffee accessories to complement our espresso machines. First off is Sjöstrand’s cafetière – also a Swedish design in stainless steel with a mirror finish. The cafetière is available in three different sizes.

Read more about the French press HERE!

Over the course of 2018, we’ll be announcing more new products as we continue our coffee journey towards a more sustainable world! Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news!

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